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Women of Christmas // Week 2 Ruth 1-4 and Lady Wisdom (Prov. 31)

Women of Christmas // Week 2

Ruth 1-4 and Lady Wisdom (Prov. 31)

On this Second Sunday of Advent,

as we focus on the Peace of Christ, 

Ruth (and Lady Wisdom) show us a...

1. Story of Providence 

  • God provides for and guides both His People and His Plan of Redemption 
  • We learn to trust God in the middle of difficulty and uncertainty.
  • Peace, because God is in control

2. Story of Redemption 

  • God provides the Redeemer for His People.
  • We experience salvation through the life, death,and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 
  • Peace, because sin and death have been defeated.

3. Story of Wisdom 

  • God shapes His People through Spiritual Wisdom.
  • We pursue wisdom, learning from God’s Word, His Spirit, and His People. 
  • Peace, because wisdom leads to true and abundant life

Do you have Peace?

  1. Trusting that God is in control
  2. Experiencing His Salvation
  3. Living with Wisdom, not the ways of this world


  1. What does in look like to have peace in your home? In your work? In your life?
  2. How would you have responded if you were in Ruth’s circumstances?
  3. How can we learn to trust God during these times?
  4. How can we be encouraged that God uses people like Ruth, Tamar, Bathsheba, etc?
  5. Are you pursuing wisdom in your life? What does that look like?
  6. How can you have peace in your life?
  7. How can we pray for each other this week?